Glide & Glow is a Canadian independent art studio and accessories brand owned and operated by designer Gigo Elmoselhi.

His work is a combination of illustration and photo-editing but most importantly it’s about choosing the right colours to express the right mood.

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Do you do commissioned work?
Yes, if you think my style will work well with your next project, please contact me.

I’d love to use your designs with my brand/company. Is this possible?
Thank you very much for interest, but I don’t licence or sell the usage rights of my designs.

Do you sell your products in any physical shops?
Not yet, but I’m working on it.

How can I stock your products in my shop?
If you’re interested in stocking my products, please send me information about your shop (location, pictures, a list of the brands you’re currently selling, social links, etc…) and I’ll get back to you soon. Please note that this is a small independent studio and wholesale would be in small quantities.

How do your t-shirts fit?
These have a regular unisex fit. If you have any doubts, take measurements on a t-shirt that fits you well and compare with the size chart under each item.

Are all your product final sale?
Yes, due to the nature of these products – that they’re made-to-order – I don’t have anywhere to store inventory. So, every purchase is final (for now).